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Welcome to Arna Shop! for more information call us at 9381938091

Welcome to Arna shop! I am Dr. Mounika Ketha M.D. This store is an extension to my practice at Arna clinic in Hyderabad. It is to help you with an easy access to your medication which you may have to refill every other month.

Alternatively, you will also find cosmeceuticals, carefully curated over the years. You can easily shop basic skin care from here once you know your skin type. However, I suggest that you take an opinion before purchasing actives or medical grade products.

The Story Behind Arna Shop

The foundation of Arna Shop was laid even before this store existed. It’s all started when our founder Dr. Mounika Ketha discovered her keen interest for skin science and therapy. Driven by her passion and a profound desire to help people feel confident in their skin, she started Arna Shop. It didn’t take much for her to realize that she always wanted to alleviate the emotional pain that comes from not having desirable skin.

She firmly believes that skincare is the highest form of self-love that everyone should strive for. As a result of the stated philoshopy, Arna Shop came into existence with a commitment to provide best-in-class skincare products to help restore and enhance the beauty that each of us already possesses.

My Vision

Most ailments can be cured through replacement of the natural skin biome and correction of the barrier. Over the years I started to lean on to a few products, which I believe can bring in the change more quickly and efficiently. Those are what you will be finding in this store. Making them accessible even to the remotest part of our country is my idea behind this initiative.

Our Mission

Our mission with Arna Shop is to make professional-grade skincare solutions easily accessible. To create products that are of high quality and contain ingredients tested for effective results. We aim to promote products that are gentle on the skin and have a proven track record of rejuvenating and improving one’s tone and skin quality. There is no doubt that having clear and naturally glowing skin increases confidence in peoples and, as a result, improve the overall quality and wellbeing of their life. Keeping that in mind, we have decided to formulate beauty and skincare products that aren’t only top-quality but affordable too. In a nutshell, our vision with this brand is to make a difference in people's life by providing safe and effective skincare solutions.

What Sets Us Apart?

If you are wondering what makes us and our products special. It’s our passionate founder behind Arna Shop. Dr. Mounika Ketha is truly a visionary who is apparently a professional skin therapist. She got her expertise in aesthetic medicine and LASERs. As a result of work, she’s been doing for many years makes her competent in knowing what goes into making the products that actually work and are clinically relevant. Our products line grew out of a desire to provide holistic and meaningful solutions rooted in skin science so that people can experience notable results instead of hollow promises. On top of that, our products are infused in love and backed by genuine intentions to turn the concept of ‘happy, healthy skin’ into reality.



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