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Is microblading good for you ?

Is microblading good for you ?

  • June 01, 2022
  • Posted By : Arna
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Microblading or micropigmentation involves introducing medical grade pigment into your skin through micro-cuts. Initially used to camouflage pigment defects like vitiligo, this procedure is now being used casually to darken existing eyebrows. In my opinion, one should consider conservative methods like ‘bimatoprost’ application before trying microblading, especially the younger individuals who would most likely respond well to the treatment. Bimatoprost can be used both for eyebrows and lashes to bring about visible thickening. It is like what minoxidil is for the hair on your scalp. Microblading causes tissue reaction which leads to scar formation also called ‘fibrosis’. This eventually causes permanent damage to the hair follicles and their loss. However, women around menopausal age group, men and women with age related thinning of the brows or patients with long standing alopecia areata can consider microblading.

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