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My take on multi-step beauty routines

My take on multi-step beauty routines

  • April 20, 2022
  • Posted By : Arna
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I can hardly recommend any of these as I myself am a minimalist and prefer to stick to basics.My go-to skin care products are a balancing cleanser,a moisturising sunscreen and hydrating serum for the night.

You will often find these three products on my prescription .

You should not feel the need to use 2 cleansers,2-3 serums,a scrub and a bundle of other things unless you have ample time and don’t care how they affect your skin.

Korean products – time and again have failed to suit Indian skin type due to their comedogenic potential and pigmentary capabilities, especially the scrub.

Let’s say , even if we are able to follow an elaborate skin care routine for a while -someday we are going to grow tired of it and will want an easy-breezy way to take care of our skin.

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